When you’re looking for a temporary residence to rent, you have a good number of options. You could choose a condo, a town house, an apartment, or you could even rent a house. However, one of the easiest and most widely available options for renters is an apartment. 

In the previous post, we talked about two benefits of renting a furnished apartment. Those reasons included saying “no” to time and money consuming baggage and “yes” to beautifully pre-chosen decor. Are there more benefits to living in a furnished apartment? Of course! We’ll dive in to two more below. 

  1. Be the Wanderer You’ve Always Wanted to Be. With a furnished apartment, it’s easier to pick up and move when the mood strikes. Want to join the circus? Got a starring role in the next big screen film? Go right ahead and move, with no large furniture hang-ups. With unfurnished apartments, you likely own the decor you decide to furnish your place with. This means that you’d either have to sell it, give it away, take it all with you, or store it somewhere when you move. A furnished apartment comes without those issues. 
  2. Get a Package Deal. Unsurprisingly, a furnished apartment will come furnished. What people often underestimate, however, is how much money they can actually save in furniture, decor, and appliance costs by renting a furnished apartment. You get the complete living package of the apartment and all the right things to fill it with when you choose an apartment like the furnished apartments in New Orleans, Gotham Lofts. 

While these are two great reasons to consider a furnished apartment, there are still even more. Once again, come back next month to read more about the benefits of living in a furnished apartment. In the meantime, if you need more information, feel free to contact Gotham Lofts in New Orleans, conveniently located near the French Quarter.