If you’re looking for a new place to live, you may be considering an apartment. Even more, you may even be considering a furnished apartment. Understandably, you could be concerned about what this means for your personal things and your way of life. However, Gotham Lofts wants to help you make the decision that’s best for your situation. How can renting a furnished apartment help you? 

  1. Flex Your Creativity Without Breaking the Bank. Renting a furnished apartment is great for many reasons. One of them includes the ability to live in a space that you don’t have to worry about decorating. For people who don’t like to do it, this is wonderful news. But what about those who enjoy the process of decorating their home? Is renting a furnished apartment still a good idea? The answer is “Yes”! You can still rent a furnished apartment and decorate as you choose. These apartments typically don’t come with so many items that the place looks cluttered. This means you can still put your own creative touches on the apartment, move things around, etc, without concern. 
  2. Low Maintenance Living. Just like with an unfurnished apartment, maintenance in a furnished apartment is typically handled by the landlord. You won’t be responsible for major repairs (that weren’t your fault), and with renter’s insurance, you can be sure your things are safe in case of an emergency.  

As we’ve talked about over the past few months, renting a furnished apartment has many benefits. At Gotham Lofts in New Orleans, we want you to rent the best furnished apartment. That’s why we take the time to keep our units well-maintained, stylish and  modern. Renting a loft in the great city of New Orleans can be a tough endeavor, so to ensure you get the spot you need, contact us today!